Thursday, January 31, 2013

Une Année à Paris

So young and innocent. Pray for Mojo.

One year in Paris.  Today.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride; not easy, no, but definitely more ups than downs.  I’ve met so many cool and interesting friends, worked with the best and brightest, improved my French (still with Quebecois accent, or so I’ve been told), eaten the yummiest foods, travelled to exotic locations, and just plain had fun. And while I did not ride the lion (I kept slipping; photos of me humping the lion’s ass whilst attempting to do so have been omitted out of respect for said lion), I did make it up there with him.  I said I would when I got here, and I did.

I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch.

Brought to you by Fishy Joe’s.  Ride the Walrus!
Courtesy of world-renowned photographer and sometimes ninja, Avi.
A much older and wiser Norm.
Okay, just a much older Norm.

À bientôt, mes amis.

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Anonymous said...

You made it up there!