Friday, September 20, 2013

I ♥ Montreal

“What’s so great about Montreal?”

Maybe it’s because Montreal at its best is a place where you can be childlike at any age; where sometimes a bus stop is replaced by a set of swings; where people are driven and creative and productive, yet still know how to relax and enjoy life; where great science is being done; where there is great richness and diversity in people, belief, language, culture, and an appreciation thereof - something the government of the day just doesn’t get; where it’s okay to just walk up to someone and start talking, and where you might just make a friend. Maybe it’s something else altogether. Or maybe it’s not great at all - I am admittedly biased - but I don't really believe that. I think Montreal really is great, and to see why you'll just have to visit for yourself.

As for me ... after a brief pit stop in Connecticut, I got a special ride back into town,

The Spider-Mobile
snapped a photo with my mum and my two favourite aunts,

My Family

and then got down to business.

La Banquise
I visited another famous Canadian Norman

The Doctor
and some very good friends I had not seen in ages

Three's Company

and some very good friends I had not seen in even longer ages

Two Statisticians and a Computer Scientist Walk into a Bar ...

and took a trip back in time to vintage Club Supersexe.

Free Hot and Cold Buffet. Also: Herpes.
I then had a very productive marathon session with the Sensei,

The BEST Academic Supervisors!!!
and finally had an authentic Montreal bagel at St-Viateur Bagel with Professor JP Budman and his assistant Mr. Pond.

Two Guys, No Girl, and a Bagel Place
A quick kiss

Svetla and Her Boys

and a farewell

Saying Good-bye.

and then I was off again.

Of course, there is so much more that I enjoyed than in these few photos: watching Breaking Bad with my cool roommates in the 341, dinner with Cait, workouts at one of my favourite gyms, babies and friends with babies, and every single night I got to hang out with Ivo, to name but a few. One of the best moments was a half-day spent with Crazy Russian Dave during which we zoomed around town on his motorcycle. I couldn't stop smiling the whole day.


The Village

I heart you, Montreal. Until the next time ...

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Montreal loves back!