Saturday, May 4, 2013


I met Nick and Bryn through a bit of happenstance and “the Canadian way”; if someone needs help, and all other things being equal you can help, then you help. It turned out to be a wonderfully pleasant experience; they are my kind of Canadian. Young artists - Nick in music and Bryn in theatre - they were able to bring a little piece of home to this weary Canuck expat simply by being their cheery, friendly selves. They were also consummate guests - cooking dinner, cleaning up, sharing interesting conversation, but also speaking in whispers when needed. My favourite moments were listening to Nick practice at night while I lay in bed drifting off to sleep.

Nick played an intimate show at a Parisian venue called Pop In with his good friends and fellow Canadian artists Jenny Berkel and Dave Simard. It was just the sort of show I used to see all the time back in my younger days. It took me back there, to those times, to hopes and dreams and thoughts of what might come to pass, and what actually did. I don’t know much about music, but I do know good music does that for you; it makes you feel. What particularly makes Nick stand out - aside from talent - is the adorable banter between songs. You simply have to the check this guy out to know what I mean.

You can get Nick’s albums here. The best part? HE’S SELLING CASSETTE TAPES! How cool is that? I made him promise to send me one. In the meantime, I bought the digital versions of his albums, and truthfully, I’ve been playing them constantly for myself and my friends. Give ‘em a listen. I highly recommend it.

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