Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter is Coming

A few gems from Game of Thrones: The Exhibition:
The King in the North
Mad King Igor Targaryen
Pensive Paul Baratheon, King of Westeros and the First of His Name
A few months back, my good friend and fellow mad scientist, Igor, paid me a lovely visit and we partook in much fun and adventure. So I decided to carefully make my way over to the original cool, Holland, to return the favour. Our journey took us from Utrecht to Rotterdam to Amsterdam to Westeros and back again.

Tyrion's Armour! (and other nobodies as well.)
Dragon Eggs!
A Treasure Trove of GoT Goodies! Check out those fingers ...

It was a total blast; I ate deliciously terrible food, met some really cool people, worked out at a great gym, and ... well, remember gents: what happened in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam! 

A Lovely Dress for a Wedding. A Red Wedding.
Map of Best Coffee Shops in Westeros.
Lastly, this is what happens to those who break our Amsterdam pact! (But, you know, if you happen to run into Pauline again, say hi for me.)

The actual head of Sean Bean. Great actor. You will be missed.

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