Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

A very happy Canada Day to all my family, friends, and fellow Canucks out there.
I've spent mine working (still going at it), but ... well, that's life.

In celebration, I present to you a random selection of some of my favourite Canadian memories:

1) The Littlest Hobo

2) Metric on CBC's ZED. It doesn't really get much better than this.

3) How do you like your coffee?

4) Two. This .... this is Canadian television, folks.

5) Joe the Canadian. Eh.

6) Mr. Dressup et al.

7) The Wolverine

He's also CANADIAN. So is Deadpool. Deal with it.

8) McPizza

9) Heritage Minutes. This is 100% factual. I swear.

10) The Wayne and Shuster Farewell

"Well I see by the clock on the wall. That it's time to bid you one and all.
Goodbye (Goodbye) So long (So long) Farewell (Farewell) Adieu (Adieu)
Be good (Stay Well) Bye Bye (Keep Warm) Relax (And Eat) Take Care (Stay Loose)
Adieu mon vieux. A la prochaine. Goodbye 'til when we meet again!"

1 comment:

PJ said...

I'll give you points for The Littlest Hobo and McPizza.