Monday, July 8, 2013

Non-Random Musings

Skittles. Taste the Rainbow.
I was going to title this entry, "Norm-Random Musings", but then thought better of it. Good thing I didn't do that, eh?

My pattern of alternately giving great and horrible talks continues. Sorry Montreal. You're next.

A few days every now and then without internet or mobile phone, or any technology at all for that matter, is bliss.

The people whom I've met in Dortmund and elsewhere in Germany are really nice. Friendly folks. Beautiful women.

Köln knows how to do pride in style. Inclusive. Lucrative. Others should take note.

The hot chocolates at Café Angelina («chocolat chaud à l'ancienne») are really good, and really expensive.

Big Fernand has a new location, oddly closeby to the first. It seems to have more space, is open on Sundays, and was absolutely empty when I went in, so no waiting at all. Truly the gods are smiling upon me.

Damn do I hate Adobe Flash. Just die already.

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